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Rubber bowl gasket

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A list of the characteristics and USES of various rubber materials

The characteristics of various rubber materials and the introduction of representative materials of our society.

ubber name (ASTM))


(main use)


Low ~ medium butyronitrile

Oil resistant and cold - resistant balance is good.。
Elasticity, resistance to friction, good. Poor ozone resistance.

General gasket, sealing, O ring, and then

Medium-high to high butyronitrile

Oil resistant and good fuel oil
Cold resistance, less ozone resistance.

Car, gas diaphragm, gasket

High nitrile

The fuel oil is excellent.
Cold tolerance.

Car washer, valve type

High nitrile + PVC

It is good for fuel oil, oxidation resistance and ethanol mixture.
Compression deformation is slightly worse.

Fuel diaphragm, gasket type.


Low ~ medium butyronitrile

Wide temperature and good oil resistance.

Oil seal, gasket, O ring

Medium-high to high butyronitrile

Resistant to oil, heat and resistance.
The tolerance of ethanol mixed gasoline and cold tolerance is slightly weaker.

Fuel oil, oil, diaphragm, gasket

High nitrile + PVC

Good for fuel oil, ethanol and mixed gasoline,
Cold resistance and compression deformation.

Fuel diaphragm

Fluorine rubber (FKM)

2 yuan is

Heat resistance, compression, and fuel oil.
Poor resistance to resistance and methanol.

Car seal, O ring, diaphragm

3 yuan is

Heat resistance, compression, and fuel oil.
Methanol is normal. Cold tolerance.

Automotive fuel hose, O ring, diaphragm

Special 3-yuan system
(containing high fluoride)

Methanol, drug resistant, good water resistance.
Cold tolerance.

Automobile fuel seal, valve type.

4 fluorinated b

Good drug resistance (acid and alkali),
Cold tolerance and poor oil resistance.

Waterproof sealing material

Hardy type

Cold resistance and fuel oil good.
Poor resistance to friction.

Automotive fuel seal, O ring, diaphragm

Flurane rubber (FO)

Heat, resistance, oil, fuel oil,
Good solvent resistance. The price is high.

Automobile fuel seal, solvent seal, O ring

Fluoro silicone rubber (FVMQ)

Heat resistant, cold resistant, good fuel resistance.
Poor penetration of strength and gas. The price is high.

Car seal, O ring, diaphragm

Silicone rubber (Q)

Methyl silicone

Good heat resistance and cold resistance. There are liquid products.
Poor strength and fuel resistance.

Medical products, food products

Polyvinyl chloride methyl silicon

Heat - resistant, cold - resistant, good - resistant.
Poor fuel oil resistance.

High temperature sealing material, O ring, oil seal

Phenyl methyl silicon

Cold tolerance is excellent.
Poor fuel oil resistance.

Ultra-low temperature sealing material, diaphragm, O ring

Chlorine ether rubber

Homopolymerization type

Durable oil, fuel oil, resistance to gas penetration.
Hardy is poor. There is metal pollution.

Car diaphragm, seal

Ternary copolymerization

Oil resistant, fuel oil, good cold resistance.
There is metal pollution.

Car diaphragm, seal

Polyacrylate rubber

Heat resistant, oil resistant, good ozone resistance.
Water resistance, cold tolerance, poor processing.

Oil seal, gasket

YiBing rubber

YiBing rubber

Heat, cold, ozone, good water resistance.
Poor oil resistance and poor processing.

Water - resistant, brake parts

Ethylene glycene rubber

Heat, cold, ozone, good water resistance.
Bad oil resistance.

Water - resistant, brake parts


Good balance of oil resistance, heat resistance and cold. Poor processing.
There is metal pollution.

Hose, belt, washer

Styrene butadiene rubber

Good resistance to friction.
Resistance to ozone and oil resistance.

Tires, belts

Butyl rubber

Good resistance to glass penetration and ozone resistance.
Elasticity is small.

Inner tube, anti-vibration material

Natural rubber

Good resistance to cold and friction.
Large elasticity, low oil resistance and poor ozone resistance.

Tires, balls, anti-vibration material

Polyamine rubber

Strong mechanical strength, good resistance to friction,
Poor water resistance.

Buffer, gasket


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